A bit about us

Listen Instead:   

We are a small team of perfectionists. Some of us proudly hail as new Canadians, and some of us were born and raised on this beautiful Island. We strive to gain your trust rather than relying on designed artificial polish and pre-meditated sales tactics.
We teamed up and started Everclassic Window Coverings a while ago. For some of us that means to preserve our family’s legacy here in North America, and for some of us it meant to dive into a new career.
We have years of experience in designing and creating custom window coverings and we are also certified consultants with regards to hard window treatments, motorization, hardwiring & home automation.
Our store is small & humble but mighty. It is, we believe, to be the only store that offers everything at one location. Many other similar businesses have to outsource to various nearby and far-flung locations to have soft window treatments done. We handle everything in-house; from our store directly to your doorstep. 
Our store has a soul. We voluntarily avoid presenting a polished and rehearsed sales pitch and instead try to provide a genuine and authentic experience. We don’t just try to finalize sales; we rather gain your trust thru our  honest interactions; That’s why we don’t call ourselves salespeople.
We provide an extensive range of premium Hunter Douglas blinds and shades, as well as a fine selection of other reputable alternative brands like Alta, Norman and more. We cover the entirety of the process, including installation and post-sales support, to ensure a seamless customer experience.
Give us a chance. You won’t regret it. 🙂