Blinds & Shades

Blinds & Shades

Blinds and Shades are arguably two of the most popular window treatments styles. The modern, clean look, ease of use, durability, functionality, makes them some of the biggest contenders among all window treatments. Each of those umbrella categories have many sub categories and products. We offer a big collection of high quality blinds and shades from Hunter Douglas and other reputable manufacturers. There’s an option for every room and every space of your house or office!

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In terms of blinds and shades, we carry three brands at the moment: Hunter Douglas, Altex, and MaxXmar

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Hunter Douglas products bring quality and perfection to your house. It's a well known brand that we are proudly offering. See Hunter Douglas products:



Altex is a high quality Canadian manufacturer with a huge selection of innovative, high speed, high quality roller shades. With Altex we also offer a big selection of exterior shades. Please see all the products and specifications:

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Maxxmar is another great Canadian manufacturer with great products and quality. With Maxxmar products we offer better pricing since the majority of their products are manufactured in Canada:

Our Exclusive Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift system by Altex

Finding the right window treatments can be an overwhelming process. Here we try to make it a bit easier for you with description and pictures!

For general information on window coverings please read our blog post;